Dust upon those cliffs.

Tonight for the first time
All the stars shine
But you're the brightest one
My love

I have painted for many people in my life.
I have done it for money and for pleasure.
I found it to be the best way to let my unconscious
thoughts liberate and see the light.

And yes, I have painted for many people.
For nice old ladies, for lovers, for bastards, for children,
for the ones that are not here anymore.

Sometimes I put my talent,
my lines and my words at the feet
of some fruitless almost-lovers.
Sometimes I sold my talent for kisses.
But now it is over.

Today I paint for my only reason to be.
For the unconditional Love.
I do it for the Spirits.

I do it because my soul is full of wonders and beauty.
And such is my gift to you.

Words from a man full of Stars