These shots were taken last weekend during
the Signing sessions in Malaga for the book:
Leo Titán y la Cuarta Dimensión.
I had a really beautiful time.
Just to see the faces of those children smiling back
at me is the biggest gift I could receive.
My closest friend told me something a while ago.
"We are just pieces of an enormous Puzzle.
We must try and find the pieces that connect with us...
but we cant figure out the final Picture of this enormous Puzzle"

We are One.
We are all pieces from the same Puzzle.
One day we will understand that we are only
prolongations of each others Stories.

So Id like to share the "Bliss" I felt that day with all of you.

All the pieces from this puzzle are starting to fit.
And the picture they are revealing couldnt be more beautiful

Sweet days.