On my way to the Aventura
April or May, lets say
Up to the North
North to your way anyway

Knew I was climbing up the wrong side
But Mr Caterpillar didnt want to be a butterfly

There are things worth seeing in this country, you know
Along the river hand in hand
Hand on knee
The nightingale felt in love
Didn't know I could feel this way
This boy has come undone
And I bet he knew it better than me

The things you said that day
I thought: Beautiful pedigree
Enough to make me feel complete
But I always liked to write about Ireland
An open book to read my biography
Didnt want to reach chapter three

We know it took a lifetime
But I cant see it now
I can rarely see these things
Just feeling the summer breeze
Mermaids and tritons on my side
The colours of the hunting Men

On my way up to you
They dont do things this way
Not when I had to implore
Not when it took a whole day
You are amazing she said. Beautiful as Hell
You know Im like a summer breeze I said
It took me a day to understand implicitly
How strange things do appear from the other side