Golden sunshine, I cover my eyes
Just like Tivoli, fairgrounds and honeybees
Cemeteries in rain, look Daddy here comes a train
Just like Tivoli, warmth and strawberries

Oh come away for now
We have the day to clown
Oh can you hear the sound of the hooves?
Gods, I can play for now
We're not in danger now
How can I smell the age, the town of Tivoli

Snapshots of family, moth balls and ivy
Just like in Tivoli, chimes blowing in the breeze
The horseman will tread, with or without his head
But don't let my courage die
Please don't let my brothers cry


How amazing the whole tale is...The wonderful Myth of King Minos and
the Labyrinth....Arianne, her half-brother the Minotaur, Prince Theseus,...